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Spencer Fowler

24 February 2017

Head of Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong

Dr. Spencer A. Fowler is a highly accomplished educator and global education leader with a passion for transforming traditional educational systems. With over two decades of experience, he has dedicated his career to shaping the minds of students and establishing innovative programs across multiple countries.
Throughout his journey, Dr. Fowler has made a significant impact in various countries, including Chile, China, Egypt, Germany, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, and Vietnam. His expertise lies in challenging the rigid norms of standardized education and implementing bespoke, student-centric curricula that cater to individual needs. These groundbreaking ideas have garnered recognition from prestigious institutions such as Harvard University and the Colombian Ministry of Education.

Dr. Fowler's influence extends beyond the classroom as he consults on K-12 public and private sector institutional reform, specializing in organizational change. He is a sought-after lecturer on the progressive restructuring of secondary educational institutions and is a regular presenter at conferences worldwide. Notably, he has been a co-workshop presenter at Harvard University's renowned Learning Environments For Tomorrow (LEFT) Conference.

One of Dr. Fowler's remarkable achievements was the initiation of China's first access scholarship. This groundbreaking program enabled high school students from war-torn regions to pursue their education at China's leading academic institution. Driven by his commitment to spreading his educational philosophy globally, he successfully spearheaded an eight-figure fundraising campaign, orchestrated campus expansion in Beijing, and established a satellite campus in Haikou, located 2,283 kilometers away.
Dr. Fowler's exceptional educational journey is backed by an impressive academic background. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) and Bachelor of Education from Queen's University, a Master of Education from the College of New Jersey, and a Doctor of Education from Western University. Furthermore, he is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers and possesses certifications such as Principal Certification, Educational Leadership Certificate, a Hong Kong and Manitoba Teacher Certification.
As an accomplished writer, Dr. Fowler has contributed significantly to the field of education through his publications. His 2019 dissertation, "Chinese Public Education and Global Social Justice: The Organizational Challenges of Initiating an Access Scholarship in a Chinese Public School," and his book chapter, "Chinese Public Education and Social Justice," featured in Griffiths, Lowrey, and Cassar's "The Leader Reader: Narratives of Experiences," demonstrate his scholarly contributions. Additionally, his most recent work, "Keys to the Kingdom," was published in Ting, Song Chen, and Prendergast's "International Education Leadership: Stories From Across the Globe" in 2022.

Prior to his remarkable career in global education leadership, Dr. Fowler pursued other passions. He was a former Ontario Hockey League (OHL) player and served as a firefighter. Originally from Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Dr. Fowler is now based in Hong Kong SAR, along with his wife Aileen Lee and their three children: Jaylon, Layla, and Drayton.

Dr. Spencer A. Fowler's unwavering commitment to revolutionizing education systems, his numerous accomplishments, and his dedication to shaping the lives of students worldwide make him an exemplary figure in the field of global education leadership.


"Working at Li Po Chun United World College fills my heart with an unwavering passion because it allows me to be a catalyst for transformative change in the lives of young individuals.

Every day, I am privileged to witness the power of diversity, the beauty of international collaboration, and the boundless potential of ambitious minds coming together to create a better world.

Being part of this extraordinary community, where dreams are nurtured, global perspectives are celebrated, and compassion is the driving force, ignites a fire within me to inspire, guide, and empower the next generation of global leaders, who will undoubtedly shape a brighter tomorrow."